Cabin in the Woods

Wanna see the Cabin in the Woods trailer? (finaly!)

Supposedly it's due out in May. After the wait we've had so far, I'll take that with a grain of salt... but a trailer is a bit step. Also, check out the new poster! Freaky!


Cabin In The Woods gets a website!

Bob Ross's little secret I don't like to pass on stories from Whedonesque unless it's big news, so you should know this is a reasonably big deal. If you've been under a rock, Joss Whedon and long time cohort Drew Goddard (behind some of the best episodes of Buffy, Alias, Lost... and Cloverfield whatever your feelings about that) are making a new big screen film for us to (needlessly) stand in line for. The Cabin In The Woods has been fairly mysterious with no more known than that it's an old school style horror movie, but with good writing and 3 dimensional characters. Other than that, for all we know it's a singing and dancing animated extravaganza. We'll totally shell out our greenbacks for more Whedon stuff though, so it won't much matter. Anyway, all that ranting for a simple link, the official site is up with a shiny (not literally) flash intro and an email sign up for more info. These email sign-ups won't get you much more than an announcement of when they update the website further, but they're a vote of confidence and say a lot to the studio about the early hype, so head on over and do your part. Maybe this time they'll actually advertise!

News Recap

So we've been a bit behind lately so I thought I'd try to catch up a little on the latest chatter in the Browncoat community. A new Buffy movie, a new Joss movie, and Dr. Horrible now available at a retailer near you (maybe). hit the "Read More" to... you know... read more.

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