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Meeting Canceled!

It's late notice and I apologize! Late last night the board decided to go ahead and cancel the May 2 General and Board meetings in favor of rescheduling in the coming weeks. We're required to have a meeting every month so we must have one in May, we'll be looking to know when a good time is for everyone so speak up please. We'll probably get a "whenisgood" up to tally it.

5 reasons you should go to the Marian Call concert

On May 2, a fantastic singer and fellow Browncoat is coming to Arizona for the first time ever, and we're hoping to give her a grand welcome. Why should you muster up the $20 to go? Here's why in the countdown style that the kids today seem to like...
5) It's for charity!
The Marian Call concert is an "Open Bowl" charity for the Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, a horse rescue association created to "To save equines from abuse, neglect, slaughter and premature death and provide a safe place for them to live for the remainder of their lives." If that's not a great charity worthy of space western fans, I don't know what is. Also, for the $20 you get a handmade artist bowl, a chili or soup dinner, a signed copy of her CD Vanilla, AND Concert admission.

4) It's NOT FILK!
"Filk" is essentially a form of "geek folk" that formed out of scifi and fantasy conventions. CopperCon is a great place to see it in action, when casual singers and musicians get together and share their musical artwork. Michelle Dockrey is deeply rooted in the Filk community, and in my opinion the pinnacle of the art form. The Bedlam Bards can be considered "Firefilk"ers, though you will rarely hear them say it themselves. There's plenty to like about Filk, especially that in essence it captures the true spirit of traditional folk music. However, that deep traditional folk style turns a lot of people off. All too often, Filk winds up anyone with a guitar and the ability to rhyme "cthulu" to a ballad tune fancies themselves a musician. Fun at a gathering, but you wouldn't pay $20 for a concert.
Marian Call is NOT a Filker. She is a genuine, modern, mainstream, indie musician. She has an agent and is trying to get a record label deal. She's toured across North America, and usually plays in coffee houses and bars. She's a geek though, and a lot of her content revolves around subjects relevant to our interests. She has two albums out. One was contracted by Quantum Mechanix to focus on Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, though unless you're listening for it I defy you to spot the references. Her other album, Vanilla, is a pretty straight pop/jazz/blues-ish (that's modern indie music for you, impossible to classify) but she still manages to slip in "gorram" and a song inspired by Firefly's River.

Cinematic Titanic coming to Mesa in May!

What a month May is turning out to be for us in the Valley! First Marian Call coming on the 2nd, and now Cinematic Titanic, from the creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000, has just announced its show dates for next month, and guess where they're coming? Yep! May 22 and 23 they will be in Mesa at the Mesa Arts Center. Tickets are $48 each, but for me this is an opportunity I've been waiting for as long as I can remember. Pre-sales start Monday (April 20).

I have been a part of two great fandoms in my life. Sure I've enjoyed Star Wars, had the Star Trek:TNG Technical Manual and have a set of Battlestar Galactica ship toys lining the top of my television next to our complete series sets of Buffy, Angel, X-Files, and Stargate... but only two have really played a life changing role in my life. Browncoats and MSTies. I owe my sense of humor, my stage presence, and my social life since 1992 almost entirely to Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Marian Call in Gilbert on May 2

There's a certain immeasurable joy and satisfaction in claiming a "scoop." Sure it's not "Serenity 2 confirmed!" but it's most definitely pretty big local Browncoat news... and I get to announce it first! I've already mentioned Marian Call is coming to Arizona in May, but I just got in direct contact with her and got the details.

Edit: Changed the picture to her own promo invite.

Paintball Team Browncoats Coming to Phoenix

So Cal Browncoats playing paintballSteve Killgore passed us this info. Sounds like a lot of fun... and a lot of pain... The SoCal and San Diego Browncoats both have paintball teams. Perhaps we can have some exhibition games someday. Click "Read More" for links and more details.

We are Browncoats; we do not play the game for glory, we play for the fun and love of Scenario Paintball. We do not follow the paths of the other teams, we blaze our own trails. We are a team with no boundaries. We welcome players at all levels, and disabilities are no barrier, if you want to play we will get you out on the field. Browncoats will not quit until the game is over, and we will play the game 100% at all times.

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