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Marian Call (Browncoat musician and then some) coming to Arizona in May

Who's Marian Call? According to her Twitter bio, she's "An Alaskan musician with a linguistic bone to pick." She's got a style a little bit blues, jazz, modern folk, and very much indie. More importantly though, she's a geek. Even more important than that... She's a Browncoat. She's been interviewed by most of the Browncoat podcasts and released a 2008 album all about Firefly/Serenity and BSG (cause they really do go together). Lets be clear, she is not the usual Filk musician. She has a much more mainstream appeal and even if Michelle Dockrey and the Bedlam Bards didn't draw you in like some of us, she has a style all her own and well worth checking out.

The reason she's suddenly relevant here is that she contacted us via Twitter letting us know she will be in Arizona at the beginning of May and is eager to meet up with the local Browncoats. She's never been to Arizona and sounds very excited to meet the locals. Details are still to come reguarding concert information, but hopefully we'll be able to have a special shindig/meetup while she's here.

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