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General Membership Meeting May 19, 7:30pm

The May AzBc Membership Meeting has been rescheduled. See below for more information:

Meeting Canceled!

It's late notice and I apologize! Late last night the board decided to go ahead and cancel the May 2 General and Board meetings in favor of rescheduling in the coming weeks. We're required to have a meeting every month so we must have one in May, we'll be looking to know when a good time is for everyone so speak up please. We'll probably get a "whenisgood" up to tally it.

Free Comic Book Day - Saturday, May 2nd

Want to help get out the word about the Arizona Browncoats and CSTS? Download the attached flyer, print off copies on colored paper (or white if you don't have colored), cut into quarter sheets, and deliver to your favorite local comic book store before Saturday (or on Saturday if you plan to partake in the festivities of Free Comic Book Day). Ask them if they'll pass out a flyer with each comic book, or at least put the stack on the counter or table where they are passing out the comic books. Just 25 sheets of paper will make 100 flyers. It's a cheap, easy way for everyone to give a little of themselves to the cause.

And your new Officers are....

The final round of elections ended last night. Congratulations to all the Officers-elect. Their duties officially begin this Friday, May 1st.

Chairman of the Board: David Richins

Corporate Treasurer: Marg Grady

Board Members: Jennifer Anderson and Kevin McAlonan
At the first meeting, the Board will decide which one will be Vice Chairman and which one will be Corporate Secretary.

President: Jennifer Anderson

Vice President: Lisa Richins

Procedural Secretary: David Ramirez

Final Round of Elections

The final round of elections for our Procedural Officers begins today. Polls will close on Sunday, April 26th at midnight, so make sure you visit the Members Forum and cast your ballot before then. (Not a member yet? Check out our AzBc Membership page for information on how you can join)

For the position of President, the following people were nominated, seconded, and accepted their nominations:
Collin Toohey
Jennifer Anderson

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