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General Membership Meeting - June 16th

Exciting news! Our next Membership Meeting will be held completely online! That means that you can attend without having to drive anywhere. We'll be using CoverItLive to host our meeting. If you haven't seen the program before, check out the May Membership Meeting to get a feel for how things are set up. We also used CoverItLive at our April Membership Meeting and a CSTS meeting.

General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, June 16th
7:30 p.m.

Kids Need to Read Thank You Blog

Kids Need To Read has published a Thank You Blog to the Arizona Browncoats for our calendar sponsorship. They have some kind words to say about us and browncoats in general. Go check it out and leave a comment letting them know you stopped by.

Membership Registration

Join our official membership! Why pay money to be an Arizona Browncoat? Well, if you enjoy attending all of our social activities, our internet communities, and our charity events... great! We offer all of these things to you for free, regardless of membership status, and welcome you to join us whenever you can! However, we can't do any of the things we do without the support of our members.

Arizona Browncoats, Incorporated

As members of our fan group became more involved in local events and charitable fundraisers, we recognized the need for a formal organization to handle and direct our future endeavors. The Arizona Browncoats registered as a non-profit organization in Arizona on January 1, 2007 and subsequently became a chartered corporation in April of 2008. AzBc, Inc. is dedicated to the promotion and support of causes for unity and equality among all people.

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