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Arizona Browncoats, Incorporated

Arizona Browncoats, Incorporated

As members of our fan group became more involved in local events and charitable fundraisers, we recognized the need for a formal organization to handle and direct our future endeavors. The Arizona Browncoats registered as a non-profit organization in Arizona on January 1, 2007 and subsequently became a chartered corporation in April of 2008. AzBc, Inc. is dedicated to the promotion and support of causes for unity and equality among all people.

General Membership Meeting May 19, 7:30pm

The May AzBc Membership Meeting has been rescheduled. See below for more information:

Meeting Canceled!

It's late notice and I apologize! Late last night the board decided to go ahead and cancel the May 2 General and Board meetings in favor of rescheduling in the coming weeks. We're required to have a meeting every month so we must have one in May, we'll be looking to know when a good time is for everyone so speak up please. We'll probably get a "whenisgood" up to tally it.

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