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SQUEE! Captain Tight Pants Says "Hello"

Thanks to some of our members who went to Comicon:

Meeting Recap

So for those of you who didn't make it to the meeting (ehem... nearly all of you...), I thought I'd translate the highlights of CoverItLive into something a little easier to read. There's a good deal of news included too, so I'll get to the New Business as quick as I can. I've left out some of the discussion, so for a complete look at the meeting, check out the meeting post.

In attendance were AzBc President Jennifer, Vice President Lisa, Secretary David Rameriz, Treasurer Marg, and Chairman David Richins(me), and joining us later was a guest who we'll get to in a bit.

AzBc July General Membership Meeting - Tuesday, July 14th at 7:30 p.m.

edit (July 14th, 9:15 p.m.): We finished our July General Membership meeting a little while ago.

You can download a copy of the agenda from the Yahoo! Members Forum or view it here.

You can see a transcript of our meeting by pressing "replay" on the CoverItLive application in this story (if you can't see it, click "Read more" at the bottom of the post).

General Membership Meeting - June 16th

Exciting news! Our next Membership Meeting will be held completely online! That means that you can attend without having to drive anywhere. We'll be using CoverItLive to host our meeting. If you haven't seen the program before, check out the May Membership Meeting to get a feel for how things are set up. We also used CoverItLive at our April Membership Meeting and a CSTS meeting.

General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, June 16th
7:30 p.m.

Kids Need to Read Thank You Blog

Kids Need To Read has published a Thank You Blog to the Arizona Browncoats for our calendar sponsorship. They have some kind words to say about us and browncoats in general. Go check it out and leave a comment letting them know you stopped by.

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