AzBc Inc.

AzBc, Inc. 2009 Member Registration now up

Online registration is now up for your 2009 membership with the Arizona Browncoats organization. Just point your browser toward and pay via Paypal. Remember that membership is required to vote and be an officer following May 1st but is not required for the social branch of the group (including registration with this website). Let me know if you have any problems.

Please Note that membership dues have been lowered this year! $12 for Individuals, and $21 for Households.

PREVIEW: Liveblogging official meetings

We have discovered a new technology we hope will bring everyone, no matter their location, in on our major meetings. is a live blogging application that allows meetings, press events, and even sports commentary to be easily covered in a text and blog style format. It works mostly like a chat room, but only certain people have access to the main feed. Viewers can make comments that will be dropped into the main feed at the discretion of the "Panelists" in order to keep the meeting ordered. We hope to have a test run of the live blog at the CSTS Meeting on March 23rd (7:00pm Arizona time).

The New Corporate Year Approacheth

Hi Gang!

Congratulations on making it through the first year of the AzBc Corporation! Though we still have plenty to accomplish, we managed to hang in through the rough patches of trying to get everything tidy and official-like. We even snagged some new members along the way, bringing our total membership to just over 30. As we head into our second year, there are a few things to bring to your attention.

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