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AZBC Special Meeting - Phoenix Comicon 2011

The New Year

So it's been a while since the website has been updated and I can only say I'm sorry about that. As the post-CSTS season came I got myself a real live grown up full time job, my wonderful backup person who kept things going when I got lazy stepped down, personal lives of many of the key AZBC officers and members have bogged things down preventing a lot of event planning from occurring in the first place... and this game called Dragon Age: Origins came into my life. Good excuse? Not really. But the Arizona Browncoats are 100% volunteer so what can you do?


So what's the latest news? Bear with me here and I'll catch you up on all things Arizona Browncoats.

*Spooky* officer special meeting

At issue today is a business decision formally voting on giving our Tucson chapter the money necessary to purchase a booth at the Tucson Comic Con as well as some supplies for a raffle and merch table.

General Membership Meeting This Saturday

This Saturday at 6pm we will be holding our quarterly organization meeting. We will be discussing the past 3 months, and the upcoming three months as well as the results from our CSTS events. All paid members are encouraged to attend, as well as all other interested parties are welcome to join in.

AzBc, Inc. Officer Elections

Before getting into the boring details, let me first say congratulations to all of us for making it through our second year as part of Arizona Browncoats, Incorporated. I also want to say thank you to all of my fellow Officers and Board Members for their dedication to the organization and the hard work they put in behind the scenes to make everything run. Please take a moment to thank all of them personally the next time you see them: David Richins, Marg, Kevin, Lisa, and David Ramirez (TOD).

Okay, now it's time to talk politics. Literally. Well, sort of....

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