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Business update

The Arizona Browncoats are an Arizona Non-Profit, and as a proper organization we have regular meetings to review the latest activities of the group. We had our latest meeting on Saturday. You didn't miss a whole heck of a lot, but here's the rundown...

AZBC Special Meeting

This is a special Officer's meeting to vote on two items. First item is whether to spend $100 to hold a theater for Tucson CSTS 2011. Second item is to decide how much seed money AZBC will allot for CSTS 2011. All are welcome to attend.

AZBC Special Meeting - Phoenix Comicon 2011

The New Year

So it's been a while since the website has been updated and I can only say I'm sorry about that. As the post-CSTS season came I got myself a real live grown up full time job, my wonderful backup person who kept things going when I got lazy stepped down, personal lives of many of the key AZBC officers and members have bogged things down preventing a lot of event planning from occurring in the first place... and this game called Dragon Age: Origins came into my life. Good excuse? Not really. But the Arizona Browncoats are 100% volunteer so what can you do?


So what's the latest news? Bear with me here and I'll catch you up on all things Arizona Browncoats.

*Spooky* officer special meeting

At issue today is a business decision formally voting on giving our Tucson chapter the money necessary to purchase a booth at the Tucson Comic Con as well as some supplies for a raffle and merch table.
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