Firefly: The Improv Comedy Show!

Pretty entertaining!

(Note: Who's Line Is It Anyway stars the best improv comedians in world. This is not Who's Line Is It Anyway. Just want to set your expectations early. As more amateur improv shows go, this is pretty top notch.)

She Don't Like Firefly

The Return of Firefly - The Good News and the Buzz Kill

A little over a week ago, Entertainment Weekly let loose the news that The Science Channel had attained the rights to Firefly! Our beloved show will begin airing March 6th, along with segments by physicist Dr. Michio Kaku discussing the science behind the show. As if that's not exciting enough, the commercials they've been airing is everything Fox should have aired.

But please, read on.

Firefly Word Search

If you were at Phoenix Comicon, you may have come across our Firefly Word Search, meticulously created by our own Lisa Richins. If you weren't, here it is for your enjoyment. For those of you eager for the answers, or to print out your own, the files are available below. I warn you though, it's crazy hard and plenty of false paths. There are also a number of extra words that aren't on the list that are mostly inside jokes. Enjoy!

Firefly: Still Flying

At fan tables and anywhere that I (somehow) wind up the expert of Joss Whedon, the most common question I get is "are they ever going to do more with that 'verse?" Well, there are the comics (with a one off this summer by Patton Oswalt called Serenity "Float Out" and the long anticipated "Shepherd's Tale" that we've been waiting for since the Browncoat Cruise in 2007, but now is promised by the end of 2010), and there's Browncoats:Redemption expected to have preview screenings this summer and at our own Phoenix Comicon...  but what people really want are episodes. Well, don't expect to see the actors on screen any time soon, but here's the next best thing! Firefly: Still Flying, due out next week on the 25th. Pre-order now on Amazon or stalk your favorite local retailer to make sure they carry it.

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