Browncoat Ball

A Fancier Shindig

After Firefly was cancelled and taken off the air, the fans of the show were excited to hear that a movie, Serenity, was going to be released in 2005. In anticipation of the movie, the Chicagoland Browncoats wanted to unite the fandom. Taking a cue from the Firefly episode "Shindig," they began organizing a large, gala-like event. They invited Browncoats from around the world to come and join them. Thus, the Browncoat Ball was born.

The Browncoat Ball is a weekend-long social event that is held in the fall, usually around September or October. Browncoats from all over fly into the hosting city, a different locale every year. Some fans come in early or stay a few days after to see the extra sites each host city has to offer.

Good News and Bad News

One of the benefits of being a Browncoat is that we're an international community, not just a fan base. Our show was canceled, that should have been the end of it. Yet here we are 6 years later, still one huge happy family. That is thanks in part to those brave souls who organize huge amazing events that draw in Browncoats from all over the world. Here is a tale of two such events. One shall fall. The other shall rise.

Bad news first:

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