Browncoat Ball

Clock's ticking on the Browncoat Ball!

Do you have your ticket(s) for the Browncoat Ball on the weekend of October 4th-6th?  It is the biggest Browncoat event of the year that is held in a different city every year.  We were lucky enough to win the bid for 2013.  We have 132 Browncoats registered from all over the country and even one from London and about 20 spots still available for the Ball. We'd like to have our exact numbers by September 27th. That will give us time to make any last minute arrangements.  You can find further information at our website:

Go to the Browncoat Ball for just $5! (misleading headline)

Do you like doing fun things but hate spending more than $5 for them? Do you like games of chance? Do you like being a good person? Well do we have a deal for you! For just $5*, less than an overpriced cup of coffee, you might just score yourself** a full weekend ticket to the Arizona Browncoat Ball in our Raffle!

Last day to buy discounted tickets to the Browncoat Ball

So picture this... you wake up on October 4, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona and you're in the mood for some Browncoaty goodness. Maybe you've got a special someone who you've never treated to a fancy Ball (or even a prancy fall!)... maybe you don't... maybe you hope to meet that special someone at a Ball. Stranger things have happened. I heard of one girl who lost a shoe at a ball and a guy went all over the countryside trying it on every woman he met till he found her again.

Browncoat Ball Photo Meetup

Hi all! 

A small group of us are heading out on Saturday, November 17th, to get pictures for the Browncoat Ball website. The goal is to get pictures of all (or most) of the places we are listing as local attractions on the website. The more personalized to the Arizona Browncoats we can get these pictures, the better. We'll be staging the photos under the general theme of "local Browncoats having fun at local attractions." Hopefully it'll be fun enough that "staging" will really just be me telling everyone to have their fun over there where the lighting is best and the surroundings best represent the location. 

The 2013 edition of is Live Now!

Announcing the brand new!  It is up to date with all the information about the 2013 Browncoat Ball right here in Phoenix, AZ. You can even buy your tickets already, as well as reserve your room! 

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