On the forming of specialty groups and events

The Arizona Browncoats as a group have been around for 9 years. 12 years after the show and 9 years after the movie, we are still going strong.

Browncoat Jamboree costume contest images are in!

We decided the easiest way to share the costume contest would be to set up a Flickr for it. Keep an eye out for more photos from Comicon (there are a ton by myself and others I want to show off) in the next few days. I expect to be putting out a lot of neat stuff on Monday. As long as I'm not completely comatose on my recovery day after con (and I'm going to need it), I will be presenting a lot of exciting things.

In the meantime, if you were in the costume contest and want a digital version of your picture, or if you just want to admire attractive people in attractive outfits, hit the link and enjoy!

Phoenix Comicon 2014 call for support

Ni hao!

Phoenix Comicon is coming up in a few months (June 5-8). The Arizona Browncoats have several panels in the works for the Whedon track, but we need help actually being on those panels. If you're interested in doing a panel (or two... or four) please email and she'll catch you up on the panels we have planned (we don't want to show our hand before we've got everything nailed down). Even if you aren't interested in doing our Whedon panels, we can get you in touch with people working on other panels.

Crafts and artwork wanted

We’re asking for your artwork, your handmade jewelry, your miniature sculptures, whatever. If it’s geeky and appeals to fans of Firefly, we want it! Button designs too, you don’t even have to do the work. I’m looking for artwork to put on our 1.25” buttons. Nothing too fancy, just simple and fun stuff folks can’t live without. I’m pretty loose with keeping things within the Firefly realm with my designs (I have a new line of Game of Thrones and Community buttons, and one or two to appeal to the Bronies), so the designs can be more or less anything, they just gotta be geeky.

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