March Member meeting

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January Meeting

A Fancier Shindig

After Firefly was cancelled and taken off the air, the fans of the show were excited to hear that a movie, Serenity, was going to be released in 2005. In anticipation of the movie, the Chicagoland Browncoats wanted to unite the fandom. Taking a cue from the Firefly episode "Shindig," they began organizing a large, gala-like event. They invited Browncoats from around the world to come and join them. Thus, the Browncoat Ball was born.

The Browncoat Ball is a weekend-long social event that is held in the fall, usually around September or October. Browncoats from all over fly into the hosting city, a different locale every year. Some fans come in early or stay a few days after to see the extra sites each host city has to offer.

Be a big damn hero!

Elections for the Arizona Browncoats 2012 year have begun. We're discussing it now on the Membership Forum. The forum requires membership but post on AZ_Browncoats or email if you're interested in getting in on this action.

First is if you think you can contribute to the organization as an officer or as a member, but you're concerned about the $12 ($12 that goes toward CSTS and our other events that tend to benefit CSTS in one way or another), don't worry about it. If you've got something to contribute, we'll work something out.

The other thing is, these roles are important. Not just because our Browncoat movement will dissolve without strong leadership, but because we've become a notable figurehead in the local geek community. Sure the 501st and Ghostbusters are more visible (costumes... we really need costumes), but people expect to see us and are happy when they do. We're the underdogs who took a cancelled tv show and became one of the most active fan organizations in Phoenix (and increasingly Tucson thanks to Shelby).

2012 Officer Elections Beginning

I can't believe it's been a year as the President of The Arizona Browncoats.  What a ride!  Thanks to my fellow officers Lisa, Cindy, Raymond, Ivana and many more shiny folks for making this one of our best years yet!

We will be holding elections starting April 18th  (today) beginning with President and Treasurer.  Then moving on to Communications Director, Secretary and Events Director.

To be an eligible candidate for these positions you must be at least 16 years old (except for the positions of President and Treasurer you must be 18 years old), a General Member of the Corporation, and otherwise legally competent. If you are currently a member of the corporation, please remember you must renew your dues by May 1 in order to keep your membership and in order to take office, if elected to an Officer position.

If you would like to participate in the vote or even run for a position, but are not currently a member, no problem - just make sure you sign up before Saturday! The membership form is up on the website" ( and you can pay online, send us a check or pay the Treasurer in person by Saturday 21st.  If you have any membership questions, please feel free to email or
Below is a refresher review that was written by Jenn and is an excellent description of of Board of Directors postions.

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