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For many of us Browncoats, the holiday season is a busy time. The responsibilites of being the face and voice of the local Joss Whedon fandom can get daunting and frankly, sometimes we drop the ball. We had two great CSTS events, hosted an absolutely wonderful Browncoat Ball, and saw the first new Joss Whedon produced TV show in years (to mixed reviews, but it's got a good share of charm and if you squint you can see glimmers of Firefly). As for 2014? Well we... um... Well that's kinda where you come in. Read on...

January Meeting

2012 August Membership Meeting

It's that time of year again for a meeting. Join in below on the Coveritlive liveblog for the official records, and for more smooth conversation (experimental, so don't get mad if something goes unexpected) you can join us on the Google Hangout. It is primarily a video chat, but audio is fine, and even if you have neither there is a chat room there. There is a limit however of 10, but our last 2 attempts only had three people so I don't anticipate an issue. We will attempt to adapt depending on whatever comes up.

AZBC General Members Meeting

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