The clock is ticking on Browncoats: Redemption

The fanfilm charity adventure is almost over. The project will officially end September 1st, and while you may still be able to get the DVDs after, it won't count toward the headline "Raised for Charity" number. Michael Dougherty and his cast and crew have spent years now on this project, to create a full length sequel to Serenity and distribute it for charity. It had the blessing of Joss and the "we'll look the other way" of the studios, and the labor of love has been a thing to behold.

Browncoats: Redemption Trailer #3

I'll tell ya this... it's looking better each time they put something out!The special effects are pretty impressive and the writing looks good enough to forgive a fair share of the bugs that come with a low budget and ameteur fan film. The folks behind it will be at the Phoenix ComicCon. We'll be seeing if we can't get together with them for some shindiggery (cause you're kinda crazy if you think we're gonna be shindiggin' with Felicia Day and James Marsters directly...). 

Also, yes that's totally the Bedlam Bards there in the back of one of those scenes. That alone justifies checking it out.

Browncoats: Redemption Trailer 3 from browncoatsmovie on Vimeo.

Happy New Year! Now for some Resolutions.

Happy 2010 to all, and here's to a prosperous and positively charged year to all of us. I know I can say I'm happy to shed the stench of 2009 off and start anew, I don't know about anyone else.

Browncoats: Redemption Teaser

I wouldn't be a proper Browncoat website if I didn't at least mention this. [Edit: Steve Fisher from the Browncoats: Redemption crew emailed me to correct some things] Browncoats: Redemption is a fan film that was started a year ago and is now in Post-Production. They expect to release it officially at next year's DragonCon with profits going to charity.

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