Meeting this Saturday, 11am

Watch this space! Saturday (1/28) we'll be having an official azbc meeting. We'll post the usual CoverItLive embed right here to follow live or follow up on later, as well as I'll be setting up a Google Hangout on our Google+ page. Anyone can join that up to the maximum 10 people on video. No Skype needed, just a Google account and a compatible browser (usually Chrome works best) and of course a camera and mic. As for the meeting, anyone is welcome and we want feedback from anyone, but official votes will be for paid members. Please join us!

November AZBC Meeting

General Members Meeting Saturday, June 4th

There will be a General Members Meeting held before shindig at Bookmans (19th and Northern) on June 4, 2011 - 6pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend, members and guests.   There will be some specific topics we plan to discuss.  First, we will vote on whether to keep our meet-up group.  There is a fee associated with maintaining this site and it's pretty hefty.  Second

General Membership Meeting This Saturday

This Saturday at 6pm we will be holding our quarterly organization meeting. We will be discussing the past 3 months, and the upcoming three months as well as the results from our CSTS events. All paid members are encouraged to attend, as well as all other interested parties are welcome to join in.

AzBc December Membership Meeting

December Membership Meeting
Tuesday, December 8th
8:15 p.m.
Online using CoverItLive application (below)

A copy of the agenda is posted to the Yahoo! Members Forum or you can view it online here.

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