Give our charity event a name!

Hold on there pardner! this poll is now closed. Head over to http://azbrowncoats.org/node/402 to vote for the finalists. Voting will be open until this Sunday at 4pm before our meeting. We'll nail down the name there and publish the winner Sunday night.
Here are the proposed names for our 2010 event. If you haven't been playing along, this year's Can't Stop The Serenity for Phoenix is going to be supersized into a full film festival inviting some of our fellow geek philanthropists like the Arizona Ghostbusters to host their own films and events with us. Things are going surprisingly well and it's a little shocking how quickly groups want to be part of it. It's gonna be great. I'm being a bit dodgy as to the details because a few things are still too fluid to share with the public, but expect a full promotional blitz at the Phoenix Cactus ComicCon! For now... vote!

Click on Read More to see a stylized rendition of the proposed names before you vote (these pictures are just something I cooked up and won't necessarily be the actual logo, focus primarily on the name itself), or skip direct to the form. While you're at it, share the link with all your friends, especially you're non-geek friends who might still go for a day of scifi classics and fun activities.


Your CSTS 2010 Logo!

The results of the 2010 CSTS Global Logo contest are in, and the winner is... #5 by Don McMillan from Ottawa, ON Canada. It's the same guy who did last year's logo as it turns out, go figure. That was a pretty sweet logo and I'm excited about all the things we can do with the different logo options. Keep in mind that our CSTS screening is one part of our full-day Film Festival event and the name and logo are still in the works for that, but it's great to get geared up to promote our part of the fifth anniversary of this great global event! Don't think for a second that just because we're bringing in some friends to make September 19th the greatest darn geek extravaganza you've ever seen that our CSTS screening is going to be any smaller. In fact we have a bigger and better Browncoat related stuff than ever in store for you, loyal reader! Stay tuned!

CSTS News and Contest!

film reels

    Good news everyone! CSTS 2010 is creeping closer and we're making great progress. Enough progress that it's time I present the epic plan we have in store for you.  Can't Stop The Serenity is in its fifth year of keeping Serenity alive in the name of Joss Whedon's choice charity, Equality Now. The event is global with screenings in more than 50 cities in 7 countries around the world. Last year, the movement raised $137,164 globally. The Arizona Browncoats have participated every year in both Tucson and Phoenix, earning nearly $40,000 toward Equality Now and local charities over the years. Both cities are very excited to do it all over again in 2010! Hit the jump for the big news and details on a contest.

CSTS Logo vote time!

 2009 CSTS LogoCan't Stop The Serenity's global logo entries are here and now is your chance to have your say in what all the CSTS 2010 branding will look like! Choose wisely, because you're gonna be seeing a lot of that logo over the next 7 months! Hit the jump for the entries (unapologetically stolen off of the Can't Stop The Serenity website) and click the Vote Now link once you've made your choice. I won't tell you which one to choose, but the coolest one is clearly entry number   [MESSAGE REDACTED]  !

CSTS 2010 - Phoenix gets a (working) date!

I wanted to give everyone a heads up on the latest news from the CSTS front. One, we have a working date of Sunday, September 19th, at MADCAP in Tempe again. Talk Like A Pirate day has done so well for us in the past, why not do it again. (c: The planning crew will be discussing it soon, but barring major objections you can probably mark that on your calendar. The date is enough to submit official registration with CSTS Global though, so as soon as I send in the form, we are the real deal. 

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