Prize drawings for your drooling pleasure

This year's CSTS events promise some fantastic prize drawings! Here's some of what we've got to offer!

Crazy Weekend!

What a weekend we've got coming up! Not only do we have our monthly Phoenix shindig this Saturday, but we've got a Con and a Browncoats: Redemption premier! This is not the weekend to stay indoors! (Okay, well most of these things involve being inside... but we're geeks, what do you want?)

2010 CSTSP Promotion

Attached to this page are the current flyers we would like distributed to anywhere and everywhere you can get them to. If you can print them yourself (there are both black and white and color options available), great! If not, email csts@azbrowncoats.org and I will try to get you some copies. Thanks so much for your help!

Ticket Information

Can't Stop The Serenity 2011


Sunday, September 18, 2pm and 6pm

Tickets are $10.00


Saturday, September 24, Doors open at 5pm

Tickets are $10.00 

$8.00 for Seniors and Students (with valid Student ID)



CSTS Phoenix Tickets Online NOW!!

Ready, set, go! I told you it was coming soon, and here it is. Tickets to our "Can't Stop The Space Pirates" are now online! Visit MADCAP's page (or skip straight to the good stuff) to buy your advanced tickets right this very moment! (Tucson folks, your CSTS tickets are available at the Loft right now as well so you've got no excuse either.)

Tickets are $15 through Brownpapertickets.com with an added service fee of $1.99. Don't be too concerned about that extra $2 though, Brownpapertickets is good people, and besides, think of what Ticketmaster would tack on!

If you wait till the day of the event, tickets at the Box Office will be $18, mostly as incentive to buy early. The theater will hold 399 people, but you don't want to be the person we have to turn away when we sell out!

If you've been under a rock, go check out the CSTS page and get educated, because knowing is half the battle!

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