CSTS 2011 T-Shirt Pre-orders

From our President Shelby McBride "I apologize for the lateness of this announcement between a death in the family and getting ready for Phoenix Comic Con it completely slipped my mind. Please have mercy on this Browncoat, I really didn't aim to misbehave."

CSTS art contest 2011

2010 CSTS Survey

Want to give us feedback about the 2010 CSTS events? Now's your chance. The survey is designed for both Tucson and Phoenix folks as well as those who did AND DIDN'T go, so please take some time to fill this out no matter who you are. It will greatly help as we plan for 2011.

The CSTS results are in!

It’s been roughly a month since the Arizona Browncoats Can’t Stop The Serenity (and/or Space Pirates) events, and I bet you’re wondering what the results were. You’re not? Uh… well read on anyway…

Arizona CSTS Intro videos

I've had a lot of people asking me to post the videos that aired before the Tucson and Phoenix CSTS screenings online... Okay, well no one's asked me but I bet you would have had you thought of it. The point is, here they are for your viewing pleasure...

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