Important FAQ Information for CSTSP

Below are answers to questions you may or may not have about the Can't Stop The Space Pirates event THIS SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! (Sorry.. some things you just can't resist.) This will answer everything from questions about the schedule to where to park to whether you should watch your purse around the pirates. I highly recomend you read through this entirely and if you still have questions, doubts, comments, or concerns please let me know at csts@azbrowncoats.org and I'll try to get everything answered as promptly as possible.

How to pick up your merch pre-order

Just a quick note to everyone who bought pre-orders for CSTS merch on our website. All orders will be available for pick up at your local screening (Phoenix on the 19th, Tucson on the 29th). You'll be able to pick it up at the merch table, just let us know who you are. If you can't make the event, email us at csts@azbrowncoats.org an we'll work out a way to get your goods to you directly.

Serenity of the Carribean

Just to whet your appetite for Can't Stop The Space Pirates a little... here's a youtube video I found in which someone synced up the Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End trailer with Serenity. It works rather well!

Prize drawings for your drooling pleasure

This year's CSTS events promise some fantastic prize drawings! Here's some of what we've got to offer!

Crazy Weekend!

What a weekend we've got coming up! Not only do we have our monthly Phoenix shindig this Saturday, but we've got a Con and a Browncoats: Redemption premier! This is not the weekend to stay indoors! (Okay, well most of these things involve being inside... but we're geeks, what do you want?)

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