2011 Can't Stop The Serenity ***UPDATED INFORMATION***

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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Art Faire coming to Tucson for Charity


Hey Tucson (or folks willing to commute), heads up!

Wanna watch LA's CSTS event?

Below is the video of what happened at the LA CSTS that was broadcast live and saved for posterity. They were not only able to bring in a few writers and/or minor stars like other CSTS events have been able to do, they brought in the big guns! Joss Whedon! Oh, and a few others of note. It's a bit slow getting going, a lot of stuff you won't care about up front, but skip ahead and you'll be glad you did. Joss takes the stage at around 45 minutes in.

Steam Powered Giraffe


We are raising funds to bring the fantastic steampunk musical pantomime troupe Steam Powered Giraffe from San Diego, CA to open the show. If you would like to contribute, click the DONATE button on the right and put “SPG” in the note of your transaction.

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