Tucson Can't Stop the Serenity Screening TICKETS ON SALE NOW

Time to don your boots and brown coats and hang out with us as we celebrate our second year of Can't Stop the Serenity at the historic Fox Theatre (17 W. Congress in Tucson) on September 22, 2012. Doors open at 6pm and include a costume contest, raffle, merchandise, gaming and more!

CSTS 2012 Phoenix

We have our location and date/time for this year's CSTS. Our shindig this year is going to be held at the aweome Studio Movie Grill over at 15515 N. Hayden Rd. in Scottsdale. It's near the corner of the east side Loop 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. It has a bar and a grill to get your munchies on. Showtime is Sunday September 16th at 3PM. More details to come as we set this thing up.

A Broadwave of News

I know there hasn’t been much coming from the Arizona Browncoats lately, and we apologize. With 2012 ready to roll, we’ve got plenty to make up for it now though!

CSTS 2011 Results
Thought we forgot about it didn’t you?  Well... maybe we kinda did... but it took longer than expected to get the final results and by the time we had numbers we all had our minds on other things. For now, in favor of unity (and simplified math), we’ll leave the tallies combined. The following is the charitable donations from The Arizona Browncoats in 2011.
Equality Now $3280.48  
Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona $760.13
Kids Need To Read $333.37

You can compare these numbers to past years at azbrowncoats.org/csts.

Carpool to Tucson CSTS!

If you're in Phoenix (or anywhere in Arizona for that matter) and want to go to the CSTS in Tucson this Saturday but don't want to drive down on your own, you're not alone. I've been searching the net for a nice Carpooling tool on the interwebs, but shockingly no ambitious startup has come up with a decent tool for it! Get on it Silicon Valley! Best I could think of is severely flawed, but it'll get the job done.

CSTS Phoenix (Mesa) Sold Out! Tucson still a hot item!

Breaking news! CSTS Mesa at the The Royale Theater is officially sold out! Now if you've really got your heart set on it, I'd stop by anyway. Even if you can't get seats you can buy some merch and support the cause. You also might just get in anyway if there are people who didn't show, never know. Tickets for Tucson are still for sale and the beautiful Fox Theater holds 1000 seats, so we don't expect to sell out (though if we did, we'd be overwhelmed with joy!). I know it's a long way, but it'll be worth it I assure you! Dr.
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