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For many of us Browncoats, the holiday season is a busy time. The responsibilites of being the face and voice of the local Joss Whedon fandom can get daunting and frankly, sometimes we drop the ball. We had two great CSTS events, hosted an absolutely wonderful Browncoat Ball, and saw the first new Joss Whedon produced TV show in years (to mixed reviews, but it's got a good share of charm and if you squint you can see glimmers of Firefly). As for 2014? Well we... um... Well that's kinda where you come in. Read on...

Browncoat Ball Photo Meetup

Hi all! 

A small group of us are heading out on Saturday, November 17th, to get pictures for the Browncoat Ball website. The goal is to get pictures of all (or most) of the places we are listing as local attractions on the website. The more personalized to the Arizona Browncoats we can get these pictures, the better. We'll be staging the photos under the general theme of "local Browncoats having fun at local attractions." Hopefully it'll be fun enough that "staging" will really just be me telling everyone to have their fun over there where the lighting is best and the surroundings best represent the location. 

Shindigs coming up!


Hey Folks!

Just a reminder. We are throwing a little shindig in the ballroom on Saturday night (Nov 10) at TusCon. The party starts at 9pm with music and good company. A cash bar will be available. We will also have info on the Browncoat Ball. Please come out and show Tucson how awesome the Browncoats can be. Convention info is here:

Also, November 17th we are doing a joint alternate shindig with the Arizona Steampunk Society and taking a steamboat tour around Saguaro Lake. You must purchase tickets ahead of time (online or by phone) there are no ticket sales at the lake. When you purchase, select the 12:30 time on Nov 17. Put Arizona Browncoats in the box. Price per person is $20. After the tour we'll meet for lunch at the marina restaurant. 
For more information about the tour and to purchase tickets, go here
Looking forward to seeing folks!
Wendy Trakes
Cruise Director

Alternate Shindig

Hey everybody! (Hey what?)

Samurai has a thing this Saturday, so we're trying something a little different for September's shindig. We're going to California Pizza Kitchen. Good food, good folks, good [other cliche gathering words]! Come on by and join us. 

If you can't afford food, come anyway. I bet we can work something out. (Within reason obviously).

PLEASE RSVP to to reserve a seat at the table. If you can't make it, no worries, we'll see you next month!

Alternative Shindig - Browncoat Bowling - Sunday, June 27th

All ages are welcome to join us for Browncoat Bowling on Sunday, June 27th at the Mesa Brunswick Zone. Whether you are a pro or prefer to bowl with the bumpers, everyone is welcome and guaranteed a good time! A great way to get out of the heat and spend some time with your fellow Browncoats. :) ...

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