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The Arizona Browncoats are an Arizona Non-Profit, and as a proper organization we have regular meetings to review the latest activities of the group. We had our latest meeting on Saturday. You didn't miss a whole heck of a lot, but here's the rundown...

How to add our events calendar to your own digital planner

So you've been to by now right? No? Well, click on the link then, I'll wait.

Done? Good. Isn't that a remarkable and easy to follow guide of all our upcoming events? So all you have to do now is to remember to go to that url at least once a day to keep up.

Next Shindig: Gamer's Inn in Mesa

If you weren't at this month's (February, 2011) shindig you probably don't yet know that the March Shindig will be at the Gamer's Inn in Mesa. Due to Bookmans recarpeting, the community room will not be available on shindig day, so we've decided to take one of our many other community friends up on an offer. The Gamers Inn has offered their space for us and are very hospitable to our needs. The store is focused on geeks and gaming which should be right up our alley and a fresh flavor to our shindigs. Mostly this is a great opportunity for our east valley folks to come out and say hi (and the north valley folks to drive for once!). Come on out and enjoy the shindigy goodness in a fresh new place March 5, 7pm. For a more complete navigation map, click

Tucson Shindig - Saturday, June 19, 7 pm, Bookmans Grant

Ni Hao Tucson Browncoats!

For those who do not know me, I'm Shelby McBride and I'm this year's Tucson Coordinator for Can't Stop the Serenity.  Since I can't do this alone I am looking for volunteers to help plan, have fun and raise money for our charities!  

With that being said we are going to be having a Tucson Shindig on June 19th at 7:00pm, location is TBA in the next few days. So mark your calendars! This is really a great time to get to know our fellow Browncoats and start planning a screening that will really get Tucson talking!

I look forward to seeing you all there!


EDIT: Shindig will be at the Bookmans Grant Community Room (1930 E. Grant Rd., Tucson, AZ, 85719)

This Month's Shindig: Saturday, June 5th, 7 p.m.

The Arizona Browncoats invite you to join us this Saturday for our monthly shindig:

Saturday, June 5th
7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
The Community Room at
Bookmans Phoenix
8034 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, 85021 (map)
(NW corner of 19th Ave and Northern, just east of I-17)

Our shindigs are very casual and really just give us a chance to hang with our fellow Browncoats. This month we're going to ...

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