I Can Haz Email

We just got the email domain up and running and key officers now have official emails! In time we hope to expand to allow all chartered members to have their own email, but for now we have a limited allotment. However, you can follow the links to the left under "Contact Us" to reach those who we've set up emails for. Officers: if you feel you need or would like an account, just let us know.

If you don't get the picture reference, I might cry

Website Development Update

EDIT: Just added a chat widget! It's a very basic IRC client, but it'll do the job nicely and I was able to cram it onto the main screen so you can see it while cruising the site. Let me know how it works out for you.

Well we've gone "Gold" so to speak and are welcoming our members to explore and enjoy. The site is what passes for done, but like Disneyland it will never stop growing as long as there is imagination in the world... or someone around with the time, energy and motivation to keep updating it.

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Website Development Update

Keep up the feedback! It's been a big help so far but we want this site to be the #1 Browncoat site around. Click "Read More" for details on the latest changes.

Website Development Update

So as you can see the menus and content are coming along. I hope to keep the updates coming pretty regularly as they happen. Some more info after the "jump" (meaning click on the story and there'll be more to read).

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