Website update

For those of you who have avoided writing blogs, stories, etc. because the html based system was too intimidating, I've got some good news. Carl was able to get a wysiwyg (don't worry, you have no reason to know what that means), which means there is now a graphical Word-like text formatting menu. This means when I want to write in bold or italics I can just hit the button instead of having to use html. It should make it a lot easier for anyone using it... on Firefox.

Want to do something simple to help spread the word?

Edit:Thanks to I've learned a few more useful things to do. Mostly it's stuff for me to do (like tagging pictures and using as many keywords as possible) but for anyone wanting to help, Google puts the most weight on outside links. So if you've got access to any other sites, throw us some linkage, and if you know a site that's still linking to make sure they know they need to update their linkage. Thanks a lot everybody!


So I spent the day playing with the website (sorry to anyone who came by today) and at least one thing people have said would be fun is now a reality. Hopefully I can get a module that'll make it a little easier, but for now Registered Users can go here and start up their own blog right here on Social Networking for the win!

Website Survey Online

Been checking the website regularly but haven't left any comments? Feel your feedback isn't being heard in regards to the site? Wanna take a survey just for fun? Then head on over to the content survey and let us know how you feel. This will be a huge help in making the site all it can be so please take a few minutes of your day and fill it out. Thanks!

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