Updated: Website Updating in Progress.

UPDATE: Membership pages are now up and running! Thank you again for all your patience!


Hello my fellow Browncoats!

I just wanted to let you all know that the website is going through an over haul of updates and changes. We are super excited to get this back up and running and keeping it up-to-date!

How to post a blog or story

For the past (roughly) two years that has been around, an extremely limited number of people have added content to this site. While we strive to keep the site current and interesting, real lives (and laziness) often gets in the way. Over the next few months we'll be making some changes to the site to update some of the outdated features and eliminate some worthless ones.

How to add our events calendar to your own digital planner

So you've been to by now right? No? Well, click on the link then, I'll wait.

Done? Good. Isn't that a remarkable and easy to follow guide of all our upcoming events? So all you have to do now is to remember to go to that url at least once a day to keep up.

The New Year

So it's been a while since the website has been updated and I can only say I'm sorry about that. As the post-CSTS season came I got myself a real live grown up full time job, my wonderful backup person who kept things going when I got lazy stepped down, personal lives of many of the key AZBC officers and members have bogged things down preventing a lot of event planning from occurring in the first place... and this game called Dragon Age: Origins came into my life. Good excuse? Not really. But the Arizona Browncoats are 100% volunteer so what can you do?


So what's the latest news? Bear with me here and I'll catch you up on all things Arizona Browncoats.

Welcome Noobs

We're geeking out to see all the new people rolling in from Comicon! We've gotten over 25 new followers on the @azbrowncoats Twitter, as well as lots of new members on the website, mailing list, new friends on our facebook, and our Yahoo group. Hopefully we see you all at this weekend's shindig! Who'd have thought we'd still be growing five years after we organized as a local group!

Just some housekeeping for you new people though...

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