Marian Call - Something Fierce

Browncoat songstress Marian Call is about the best there is. If you've gotta put a genre on her, I'd probably throw her in a sort of a jazz style, but much more accessible than the stuff you hear on NPR. When she first released a Quantum Mechanix commissioned album themed around Firefly and BSG, no one had heard of her outside of Anchorage. Today, she's a favorite of Wil Wheaton and the geek gods of Wootstock. Throw your support her way and get her new album, Something Fierce! What I've heard of it so far is dang good!  You can stream it online for free, purchase it through her website, or now you even have the option to purchase it on Amazon.  So, add it to your wishlist for the holidays!

She Don't Like Firefly

She Don't Like Firefly

Mark Your Calendars: Marian Call Visits Arizona June 21-23

Marian Call is a musician with the perfect mix of jazz, funk, blues, indie, and geek. Heck, she plays the typewriter! You gotta love someone that can play the typewriter. She stopped by last year at a benefit concert for a local horse rescue in Gilbert and a blast was had by all. In just five days, this Alaska-based musician hits the road again on her DIY national tour, aiming to hit all 50 states and even some parts of Canada.

Jonathan Coulton is coming to town! Thursday, February 18th, 7 p.m. at MADCAP Theaters

EDIT: The venue for this event has changed.  Jonathan Coulton will now be performing at our beloved MADCAP Theaters on Mill Avenue.  For more details and to buy tickets, follow this link.  The show will still be Thursday, February 18th (7:00 p.m.)

Jonathan Coulton (along with his constant companions Paul and Storm) are finally coming to Arizona!

Who is this and why should you care? Well, besides a connection with Felicia Day, he's not Whedon related, but he's totally part of our world. Read on...

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