Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon is here!

Phoenix Comicon began as a tiny little con at the Mesa Convention Center. It's grown exponentially ever since, moving to the Phoenix Convention Center, and almost doubling in size every year even now to become a powerhouse convention by any measure! Visit our events calendar for details.

A Broadwave of News

I know there hasn’t been much coming from the Arizona Browncoats lately, and we apologize. With 2012 ready to roll, we’ve got plenty to make up for it now though!

CSTS 2011 Results
Thought we forgot about it didn’t you?  Well... maybe we kinda did... but it took longer than expected to get the final results and by the time we had numbers we all had our minds on other things. For now, in favor of unity (and simplified math), we’ll leave the tallies combined. The following is the charitable donations from The Arizona Browncoats in 2011.
Equality Now $3280.48  
Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona $760.13
Kids Need To Read $333.37

You can compare these numbers to past years at

Twitter coverage of Phoenix Comicon

Arizona Browncoats At Phoenix Comicon 2011

We will have four panels and a table at Phoenix Comicon this year!  Come join us for some fun. We will be located at table 764.  It's a small press table but we will stuff it full of fun :) We will have some activities, some merchendise, and possibly some prizes.

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