Dollhouse Cancelled

Word from all directions this morning, but I'll leave it to the man himself...(click "Read More" to, well, read more)

Dollhouse Renewed! CONFIRMED

E.T.A.Fox's Fall "upfronts" were announced this morning, and as previously reported, Dollhouse is on it. It will remain on Friday and their budget is being cut, but as long as Fox keeps paying attention to DVR and internet numbers I think the show's doing pretty well. Joss spoke to The Live Feed about prospects for the next season and its new lead in, sitcom "Til Death." If you're picky about spoilers, that article does reference the 13th episode of season one, but no more is revealed than you'd learn in a "next week on..." preview.

On another note, The Live Feed also confirms that NBC has renewed our beloved Chuck (featuring Adam Baldwin) for at least another 13 episodes with an option for another 6 episodes. New official updates from NBC today are confirming its renewal but are saying that it will remain on Monday at 7pm Arizona time, which is the same as it has been but a change from the previous reports. NBC is pulling something funky this season and basically creating a Fall and Spring season. Chuck will come in in February and Heroes will be moving up into the 7pm slot in Fall (followed by another paramedic drama called Trauma). Where does this put fans of Big Bang Theory, House, and Heroes? Let's just say it's time for a triple tuner Tivo...

Dollhouse Season 1 - Amazon pre-order

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Dollhouse Confusion

If you've been following the Dollhouse news, you'll know that Fox has announced that the season will be ending with the 12th episode will be airing when the original schedule showed 13. This led fans to believe that Fox was canceling the season finale in favor of a two hour Prison Break.

Watch Dollhouse Episode 6 Right here!

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