Serenity in the Desert Returns!

The Arizona Browncoats continue to work hard to throw a damn fine shindig each year to benefit local charities! This is our second year hosting Serenity in the Desert, but we have a lifetime of experience behind us with over $65,000 raised for charity in just over ten years.

We bring Serenity back to the big screen for the fourth year in a row to the Studio Movie Grill

Phoenix CSTS 2015 Sold Out Once Again

Thanks to the wonderful community of Browncoats in Phoenix, the Can't Stop The Serenity screening has sold out for the fourth year in a row! 

Didn't get tickets? Sorry, unfortunately there's only so many seats in a movie theater. We do still have 8 tickets remaining, so if you had your heart set on going, you might still have a chance, but I can't make any promises. Either way hope to see you there, or maybe next year!

CSTS Scottsdale Sold Out!

We've pulled ticket sales because we are officially sold out! There are still plenty of tickets for Tucson, so come join us at the Fox if you missed out!

Dude! Tickets!!

Have you been eager for our CSTS screenings this year? Us too! They're just a few weeks away too, and tickets are officially on sale! Don't wait, the Scottsdale tickets are likely to sell out (there are still plenty right now though)!

Scottsdale (September 21, 2:30pm)

Tucson (September 27, 5pm)

More Information

CSTS Phoenix Sold Out (mostly)

Online CSTS Phoenix tickets are now offline. We still have a handful to buy on location. We'll tweet as soon as we know we're sold out!

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