Wanna see the Cabin in the Woods trailer? (finaly!)

Supposedly it's due out in May. After the wait we've had so far, I'll take that with a grain of salt... but a trailer is a bit step. Also, check out the new poster! Freaky!



Our new (Phoenix) monthly shindig location for this month is Samurai Comics at 1051 E. Camelback Rd...

DarkCon Group Discount

Hi Guys!

I know I don't post much, but I figured I'd get this out there. I'm on the DarkCon committee and I was talking to the Con Chair last night at the meeting. He has offered the Arizona Browncoats a discounted group rate if 10 or more people from the group buy memberships before the end of November.

The group rate will be $35. that's $5 off the current online rate and $15 off the door rate....

The Men of Firefly in Art Nouveau

From nerdapproved.com:

"Megan Lara made an impression with her Firefly Les Femmes set last summer. Now she’s showing us that art nouveau can make even Jayne Cobb look soft and sultry. We’re not going to ask Jayne how he feels about that; the answer would probably involve a grenade. Each poster has a few key identification points. Wash gets dinosaurs, and Simon’s poster references the Osiris Medical Academy. I have one word for these posters: Shiny.

You can pre-order your set of five posters for a ship date of November 28."

Marian Call - Something Fierce

Browncoat songstress Marian Call is about the best there is. If you've gotta put a genre on her, I'd probably throw her in a sort of a jazz style, but much more accessible than the stuff you hear on NPR. When she first released a Quantum Mechanix commissioned album themed around Firefly and BSG, no one had heard of her outside of Anchorage. Today, she's a favorite of Wil Wheaton and the geek gods of Wootstock. Throw your support her way and get her new album, Something Fierce! What I've heard of it so far is dang good!  You can stream it online for free, purchase it through her website, or now you even have the option to purchase it on Amazon.  So, add it to your wishlist for the holidays!

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