CSTS Intro Videos in all their glory

A Fancier Shindig

After Firefly was cancelled and taken off the air, the fans of the show were excited to hear that a movie, Serenity, was going to be released in 2005. In anticipation of the movie, the Chicagoland Browncoats wanted to unite the fandom. Taking a cue from the Firefly episode "Shindig," they began organizing a large, gala-like event. They invited Browncoats from around the world to come and join them. Thus, the Browncoat Ball was born.

The Browncoat Ball is a weekend-long social event that is held in the fall, usually around September or October. Browncoats from all over fly into the hosting city, a different locale every year. Some fans come in early or stay a few days after to see the extra sites each host city has to offer.

Tucson Can't Stop the Serenity THIS WEEKEND

Due to editing errors, our original flyers for Tucson's CSTS had the incorrect start time.

Events begin at 5PM


As of 1: 50 pm, Saturday September 1, we are officially sold out for the Phoenix event !!!  Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket.  We are going to have a wonderful time.

Didn't get tickets??  Consider Tucson! September 22, in the beautiful, historic, and giant Fox Tucson Theatre we'll be having another event, along with all the same amenities as our Phoenix Event. Go early and check out the kid-friendly Iron Giant showing benefiting Kids Need To Read. Details at http://azbrowncoats.org/csts/tucson

2012 August Membership Meeting

It's that time of year again for a meeting. Join in below on the Coveritlive liveblog for the official records, and for more smooth conversation (experimental, so don't get mad if something goes unexpected) you can join us on the Google Hangout. It is primarily a video chat, but audio is fine, and even if you have neither there is a chat room there. There is a limit however of 10, but our last 2 attempts only had three people so I don't anticipate an issue. We will attempt to adapt depending on whatever comes up.

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