Steam Crow Keen Halloween Event

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to write a little bit about an upcoming event put on by Steam Crow.  You don't know who or what that is?  Check them out already!!

On September 29th, 2012 from 11am to 10pm they are putting on an awesome Halloween  event called Keen Halloween

What is this you say?  Here is a bit directly from their Keen Halloween site.

Members Meeting!

2012-08-25 17:00

We will be having an official members meeting on Saturday, August 25th 2012.  This meeting will be held online via Cover-It Live and begin at 5pm Arizona time.  It will be located on the main AZBC website (www.  All members are invited to attend.  Non-members are invited to attend as well but they will not be able to submit a vote on any topics discussed.  We will take any comments/suggestions/complaints offered from members and non-members alike. 

Something to do in between shindigs

Thank you to everyone who came to our June shindig at the Central Phoenix Samurai Comics! We had a marvelous evening with games, snacks, and general merriment. If you couldn’t show up to this past shindig, don’t fret! We’re having another one in July! Stay tuned for more information regarding that.

In other news, here’s a shameless plug for the CASFS Book Social!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program

Thank you all for a wonderful and event Phoenix Comicon 2012! We had a great time moderating panels and entertaining all of you. I hope you had just as much fun. Or more. But not less, because that would be sad. We're excited to see any pictures you have from PCC, so be our friend on Facebook and post away.


So for May, we're changing things up a bit. Shindig is officially moving to Tempe Marketplace at the Harkins Cine Capri theater. Showing is at 7pm, get tickets early to ensure good seats, and we'll be meeting up no later than 6. If you don't see Browncoat type people outside the theater (wear you Serenity shirts, I'll be planning to wear my Jayne hat), we're probably inside in line. Afterward we'll inevitably be going for food so bring some extra money for the post shindig debrief. We had a great time for The Cabin In The Woods a few weeks ago, and I hope to see as many people as we can this Saturday. If you want to see it before that, or in 3D, we won't hold it against you, but this is the time we're planning for the group meetup. 

HARKINS Tempe Marketplace Cine Capri, 7:00pm (not in 3D) Saturday, May 5.


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