What you missed at the March Shindig

So March's Shindig came and went and as usual it was a blast. Here's the details you missed from the CSTS 2009 meeting, the AZBC, inc. Meeting, the Bookmans Shindig, and the After-Shindig at Applebees:

Our AzBc "State of the Union" By Capt.Collin

“We’re still flying!”

That’s right. We’re still flying around the Black, being Big Damn Heroes, doing good deeds and hosting mighty fine Shindigs and charity events throughout the Valley of the Sun. The Arizona Browncoats are and will continue to be Arizona’s biggest and brightest source of Browncoat communal goodness. Come aboard, settle in, and enjoy the ride. Stay as long as you like, ‘cause we ain’t going anywhere but up!

Dollhouse Webcomic

Some new webcomics to check out about Dollhouse:

From "Hijinks Ensue"

From "Penny Arcade"

Click on the comics to see them larger and on their home page. Both comics are well worth visiting on a regular basis.

Website Development Update

So as you can see the menus and content are coming along. I hope to keep the updates coming pretty regularly as they happen. Some more info after the "jump" (meaning click on the story and there'll be more to read).

Is Dollhouse living up to the promise of the Joss?

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6% (1 vote)
Still haven't decided
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Haven't watched it
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Tuwubahooby? What's Dollhouse? What's a Joss?
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Total votes: 16
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