Website Development Update

EDIT: Just added a chat widget! It's a very basic IRC client, but it'll do the job nicely and I was able to cram it onto the main screen so you can see it while cruising the site. Let me know how it works out for you.

Well we've gone "Gold" so to speak and are welcoming our members to explore and enjoy. The site is what passes for done, but like Disneyland it will never stop growing as long as there is imagination in the world... or someone around with the time, energy and motivation to keep updating it.

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Put Serenity in Space!

This is not the newest news, but it's something that needs to be on the site. Nasa wants help naming a new capsule on the International Space Station and one of the options is "Serenity." Naturally the Browncoats have mobilized and are voting in throngs, but we're up against harsh competition with Stephen Colbert's followers in the write-in category. Help out your fellow Browncoats and go vote!

Castle Airs Tonight!

Nathan Fillion's new show Castle airs tonight (Monday) at 9pm (Arizona time) on ABC, and it looks pretty entertaining. frieda2133 popped up on the yahoo groups like always with the latest news, including some youtube links. Since I can embed them on the site, here they are in all their glory!

First 13 Minutes of the pilot episode:

Website Development Update

Keep up the feedback! It's been a big help so far but we want this site to be the #1 Browncoat site around. Click "Read More" for details on the latest changes.

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