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Last day to buy discounted tickets to the Browncoat Ball

So picture this... you wake up on October 4, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona and you're in the mood for some Browncoaty goodness. Maybe you've got a special someone who you've never treated to a fancy Ball (or even a prancy fall!)... maybe you don't... maybe you hope to meet that special someone at a Ball. Stranger things have happened. I heard of one girl who lost a shoe at a ball and a guy went all over the countryside trying it on every woman he met till he found her again.

January Meeting

The End of the World is Near! Therefore, it's party time!

End of the World Party Logo

The Arizona Browncoats are proud sponsors of The End of the World party hosted by the DarkOnes, Endless, and the Corsairs is coming up:

Friday, Dec 21, 2012

CSTS global is in danger


The following is a message from Jen Cumming, a member of the Global Team for Can't Stop The Serenity. For 7 years they've been the power behind the great local events we've had and the global movement is crucial to our success. This year we've yet to find someone willing to take on the pressure of being the global organizer. Please read.

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