Script for Dollhouse's Original Pilot

Snagged from Spoilersguide. It's very different and worth a read. Rumor has it Episode 6 gets back on track of Joss's original vision for the show.

Slow news day

Not a whole lot to say today, but I want to reward folks for coming back every day. So here are some videos that just sort of recap why exactly we are Browncoats and not just obsessive fans of a canceled tv show.

Summer Glau on The Big Bang Theory

Somehow I totally missed that Summer's cameo was this past Monday.
Since for some reason CBS doesn't get the proven business model that shows how profitable putting full episodes online can be, even with their own site, I can't link you to the entire episode (Hulu lets you embed whole episodes... just sayin'). However, CBS was kind enough to at least provide highlights of her appearance.

Give it a minute, the video might take a bit to appear.

Upcoming CSTS Deadlines

While we're shy on details for this year's local screenings, there's a bit of news on the global front. First, the auction to book Cedric from the Bedlam Bards ends on Friday (March 13... Really, another Friday the 13th this year? We're doomed!). Then, voting for the 2009 Logo ends tomorrow (March 12).

Lil' Kaylee

Becky Carter sent in a couple pictures of her granddaughter and... seriously, how can you not post that face on our Browncoat site?
Not that you spit...

You're gonna come with us!

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