Women - Know Your Limits

Women - Know Your Limits

I don't know if this is real or not, but it's a nice reminder of what the CSTS campaign is fighting.

CSTS Meeting (March 23) Recap

Braving the brutal cold and taunting scents of the neighboring Subway, six intrepid crusaders and five mysterious voices from the ether faced down the epic task ahead of them. Will our heroes succeed or will the future get the best of them? More importantly, will David make it out of there without succumbing to the Subway, and if not, what will he order? Read on constant readers, and see.

A Few Housecleaning Tidbits

Just a few follow ups to past stories to keep you updated.

Festival of the West Follow Up

So Festival of the West came and went. Besides the obscene heat and today's wind, it was pretty fun. For those who are curious, our Rocking RR chuck wagon won First Place in Beans on Saturday and Gravy on Sunday. Certainly can't complain about that considering we were against 10 other wagons representing some of the best outdoor cooking in the region. I will try to bring whatever leftovers I can scrounge (and that survive the next two weeks) to the next Bookmans shindig.

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