Paintball Team Browncoats Coming to Phoenix

So Cal Browncoats playing paintballSteve Killgore passed us this info. Sounds like a lot of fun... and a lot of pain... The SoCal and San Diego Browncoats both have paintball teams. Perhaps we can have some exhibition games someday. Click "Read More" for links and more details.

We are Browncoats; we do not play the game for glory, we play for the fun and love of Scenario Paintball. We do not follow the paths of the other teams, we blaze our own trails. We are a team with no boundaries. We welcome players at all levels, and disabilities are no barrier, if you want to play we will get you out on the field. Browncoats will not quit until the game is over, and we will play the game 100% at all times.

Good News and Bad News

One of the benefits of being a Browncoat is that we're an international community, not just a fan base. Our show was canceled, that should have been the end of it. Yet here we are 6 years later, still one huge happy family. That is thanks in part to those brave souls who organize huge amazing events that draw in Browncoats from all over the world. Here is a tale of two such events. One shall fall. The other shall rise.

Bad news first:

Just For Fun

Because you've earned it loyal readers. Do yourself a favor and watch it in HD and full screen with the volume up! Enjoy!

Festival of the West

The 2009 Festival of the West begins tomorrow at Westworld in Scottsdale and there are lots of reasons you should go! The festival is a nationally recognized event with roots deep in the classic westerns. It's not necessarily a traditional "geek" event, but considering our beloved Firefly was part-western, I think we could find something to enjoy while there. There are a great many performers, merchants, artists, and contests to occupy your time.

Most of all, you should come out of support for your fellow Browncoats! To my knowledge (I'll post more folks as I get them), our own Randall will be running the costume contest, Jessica and Don & Cat Hicks from Tucson will be volunteering, and David (me...) will be helping his parents with the Chuckwagon Cookoff on Thursday morning and Saturday morning with Lisa. Be sure to stop by early in the day as any food samples will likely run out quickly. As for Randall's Costume Contest, it is scheduled for 11am on Saturday. Pretty much all of the good stuff happens in the morning so plan to get up early. What can I say, cowboys got up early... and can you blame them when it hits 90 by noon on a GOOD day?

I Can Haz Email

We just got the email domain up and running and key officers now have official emails! In time we hope to expand to allow all chartered members to have their own email, but for now we have a limited allotment. However, you can follow the links to the left under "Contact Us" to reach those who we've set up emails for. Officers: if you feel you need or would like an account, just let us know.

If you don't get the picture reference, I might cry

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