So say we all! (Spoiler free, completely safe to read)

The final episode of Battlestar Galactica aired Friday night, and whatever your feelings about the resolutions, it ended an extraordinary show that built on all that had been established by Star Trek and Firefly along with the best war films to create something altogether unique. Even Joss Whedon claimed:

Watch Dollhouse Episode 6 Right here!

New Bedlam Bards Album Available Now!

Our friends the Bedlam Bards, a well known renfair and Browncoat musical duo who have frequented our neck of the woods now enough times to consider them one of our own, have just announced a new album available for purchase. It's a live show recording (which is great because a great deal of their appeal is in their live shows) from the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival. This is bound to be full of laughs and hijinks, and totally worth a purchase for anyone interested in this type of music. Be warned however that this is a bawdy show, and is not suitable for... most anyone. I have not heard the album but at the very least I know a handful of the songs. They're funny, but not for kids.

Chandler Cinemas Fun-Raiser

Chandler Cinemas is hosting a "Fun-Raiser" this weekend to celebrate its second year of operation. It looks like the event includes a SAW Marathon, REPO! shadow cast, comedians, wrestling, zombies, RHPS, and much more. For all the details and to purchase your tickets, check out Chandler Cinemas' official website.

LARPing in Greenville

If you walk out your door on the first weekend in May and find yourself in Greenville, South Carolina and you are into Live Action Role Playing games, then you're in luck!

A tip from our friends in the Greenville Browncoats:

Come and join the Greenville Browncoats for some fun and double-crossing. We will be LARPing in the beautiful Camp Buckhorn located within Paris Mountain State Park in South Carolina. We would love for you to join us on our adventure on May 1-3, 2009.

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