CSTS global is in danger


The following is a message from Jen Cumming, a member of the Global Team for Can't Stop The Serenity. For 7 years they've been the power behind the great local events we've had and the global movement is crucial to our success. This year we've yet to find someone willing to take on the pressure of being the global organizer. Please read.

Browncoat Ball Photo Meetup

Hi all! 

A small group of us are heading out on Saturday, November 17th, to get pictures for the Browncoat Ball website. The goal is to get pictures of all (or most) of the places we are listing as local attractions on the website. The more personalized to the Arizona Browncoats we can get these pictures, the better. We'll be staging the photos under the general theme of "local Browncoats having fun at local attractions." Hopefully it'll be fun enough that "staging" will really just be me telling everyone to have their fun over there where the lighting is best and the surroundings best represent the location. 

Shindigs coming up!


Hey Folks!

Just a reminder. We are throwing a little shindig in the ballroom on Saturday night (Nov 10) at TusCon. The party starts at 9pm with music and good company. A cash bar will be available. We will also have info on the Browncoat Ball. Please come out and show Tucson how awesome the Browncoats can be. Convention info is here: http://tusconscificon.com/

Also, November 17th we are doing a joint alternate shindig with the Arizona Steampunk Society and taking a steamboat tour around Saguaro Lake. You must purchase tickets ahead of time (online or by phone) there are no ticket sales at the lake. When you purchase, select the 12:30 time on Nov 17. Put Arizona Browncoats in the box. Price per person is $20. After the tour we'll meet for lunch at the marina restaurant. 
For more information about the tour and to purchase tickets, go here http://www.desertbelle.com/
Looking forward to seeing folks!
Wendy Trakes
Cruise Director

The 2013 edition of Browncoatball.com is Live Now!

Announcing the brand new www.browncoatball.com!  It is up to date with all the information about the 2013 Browncoat Ball right here in Phoenix, AZ. You can even buy your tickets already, as well as reserve your room! 

While you're at it, stop by and Like our Facebook page, +1 our Google+ event, and Follow our Twitter to keep up on the latest news!

Why I do it

I've been a Browncoat for what feels like a lifetime now. I wasn't a "first gen" who got into it when it aired, but I came in before the movie. Basically, that means I've seen a vast amount of the evolution of the Browncoats community from “who’s Josh Weedon?” to being a dominant presence at all the scifi conventions. I was never one just to sit in the audience, so I was there in the thick of it as a formalized group formed. I take no credit for the formation of the Arizona Browncoats or our various achievements, but I've been there through most of it.

Most prominent of our achievements is that for seven years we've held our annual Can't Stop The Serenity charity screenings in both Tucson and Phoenix. I've been involved in almost every one of those events. I say all this not to boast, but to lead you to what should probably be your obvious question: Why in the sphincter of hell would you do that?

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