Crafts and artwork wanted

We’re asking for your artwork, your handmade jewelry, your miniature sculptures, whatever. If it’s geeky and appeals to fans of Firefly, we want it! Button designs too, you don’t even have to do the work. I’m looking for artwork to put on our 1.25” buttons. Nothing too fancy, just simple and fun stuff folks can’t live without. I’m pretty loose with keeping things within the Firefly realm with my designs (I have a new line of Game of Thrones and Community buttons, and one or two to appeal to the Bronies), so the designs can be more or less anything, they just gotta be geeky.

March Member meeting

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A Veronica Mars movie? Did you feel the earth just shake?

In 2005, there were a series of advanced screenings exclusively for fans of an unfinished Serenity. Before the film, a short introduction by Joss Whedon was played in which he thanked the fans. “It is, in an unprecedented sense, your movie. So, if it sucks, it's your fault.” This wasn’t the first or last time we heard this. Joss and the cast, throughout the production and to this day, have been very vocal about the role the fans had in getting a movie made out of their short lived tv show.

Go to the Browncoat Ball for just $5! (misleading headline)

Do you like doing fun things but hate spending more than $5 for them? Do you like games of chance? Do you like being a good person? Well do we have a deal for you! For just $5*, less than an overpriced cup of coffee, you might just score yourself** a full weekend ticket to the Arizona Browncoat Ball in our Raffle!

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