Browncoat Jamboree costume contest images are in!

We decided the easiest way to share the costume contest would be to set up a Flickr for it. Keep an eye out for more photos from Comicon (there are a ton by myself and others I want to show off) in the next few days. I expect to be putting out a lot of neat stuff on Monday. As long as I'm not completely comatose on my recovery day after con (and I'm going to need it), I will be presenting a lot of exciting things.

In the meantime, if you were in the costume contest and want a digital version of your picture, or if you just want to admire attractive people in attractive outfits, hit the link and enjoy!

Marian Call coming to Bookmans (Mesa) June 13!

Phoenix Comicon is here!

Phoenix Comicon began as a tiny little con at the Mesa Convention Center. It's grown exponentially ever since, moving to the Phoenix Convention Center, and almost doubling in size every year even now to become a powerhouse convention by any measure! Visit our events calendar for details.

The new organizational year

2013 was a crazy year for us! We had a great time at Phoenix Comicon, two great Can't Stop The Serenity events (as usual), and topped it off with hosting the Browncoat Ball! Elections are done for 2014 and the officers have met to get things rolling and have high hopes for the new year.

Phoenix Comicon 2014 call for support

Ni hao!

Phoenix Comicon is coming up in a few months (June 5-8). The Arizona Browncoats have several panels in the works for the Whedon track, but we need help actually being on those panels. If you're interested in doing a panel (or two... or four) please email and she'll catch you up on the panels we have planned (we don't want to show our hand before we've got everything nailed down). Even if you aren't interested in doing our Whedon panels, we can get you in touch with people working on other panels.

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