PBS Nerd Walk 2014

There was a time, folks who openly admitted themselves to be nerds were ostracized. Not so now. Nerd culture has become downright cool! Naturally, the original nerds at PBS are looking to unite with the local nerd community. The ASU Homecoming Parade will once again play host to the PBS Nerd Walk, where geeks from all corners are invited to come show their colors.

Dude! Tickets!!

Have you been eager for our CSTS screenings this year? Us too! They're just a few weeks away too, and tickets are officially on sale! Don't wait, the Scottsdale tickets are likely to sell out (there are still plenty right now though)!

Scottsdale (September 21, 2:30pm)

Tucson (September 27, 5pm)

More Information

Marian Call is coming back to town!

If you missed Marian Call back in June, no worries! She's back next week, and at real concert venues! 

First up she'll be in Tucson on July 30 at the Unscrewed Improv Theater. Cover is $10-15 (pay-as-you-can). 7pm - 9pm.

Then in Phoenix on Saturday, August 2 at the Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse. 8pm-10pm. That's right after our monthly shindig at Samurai Comics... Convenient isn't it? 

Want more detail? Subscribe to our events calendar! http://azbrowncoats.org/Events

And don't forget, CSTS is only a few months away. Announcements coming very soon.

On the forming of specialty groups and events

The Arizona Browncoats as a group have been around for 9 years. 12 years after the show and 9 years after the movie, we are still going strong.

Browncoat Jamboree costume contest images are in!

We decided the easiest way to share the costume contest would be to set up a Flickr for it. Keep an eye out for more photos from Comicon (there are a ton by myself and others I want to show off) in the next few days. I expect to be putting out a lot of neat stuff on Monday. As long as I'm not completely comatose on my recovery day after con (and I'm going to need it), I will be presenting a lot of exciting things.

In the meantime, if you were in the costume contest and want a digital version of your picture, or if you just want to admire attractive people in attractive outfits, hit the link and enjoy!


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