New Browncoat album!

So here's something you don't see every day in the Browncoat community: Rap. And it's not bad. Not my cut of tea, but if you're into the Nerdcore stuff, you could do a lot worse! (Youtube video below)

Art Faire coming to Tucson for Charity


Hey Tucson (or folks willing to commute), heads up!

Wanna watch LA's CSTS event?

Below is the video of what happened at the LA CSTS that was broadcast live and saved for posterity. They were not only able to bring in a few writers and/or minor stars like other CSTS events have been able to do, they brought in the big guns! Joss Whedon! Oh, and a few others of note. It's a bit slow getting going, a lot of stuff you won't care about up front, but skip ahead and you'll be glad you did. Joss takes the stage at around 45 minutes in.

The clock is ticking on Browncoats: Redemption

The fanfilm charity adventure is almost over. The project will officially end September 1st, and while you may still be able to get the DVDs after, it won't count toward the headline "Raised for Charity" number. Michael Dougherty and his cast and crew have spent years now on this project, to create a full length sequel to Serenity and distribute it for charity. It had the blessing of Joss and the "we'll look the other way" of the studios, and the labor of love has been a thing to behold.

AZBC General Members Meeting

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