Business update

The Arizona Browncoats are an Arizona Non-Profit, and as a proper organization we have regular meetings to review the latest activities of the group. We had our latest meeting on Saturday. You didn't miss a whole heck of a lot, but here's the rundown...

Firefly: The Improv Comedy Show!

Pretty entertaining!

(Note: Who's Line Is It Anyway stars the best improv comedians in world. This is not Who's Line Is It Anyway. Just want to set your expectations early. As more amateur improv shows go, this is pretty top notch.)

'In Your Eyes' - another Whedon film already in the works

Big news in the Whedon world recently...

Serenity Replica - with a price that's a little more grounded!

Finally! QMx made an absolutely amazing custom built work of art in the screen accurate Serenity model, but it was $2,500! I love Firefly and have spent probably well more than that on my fandom since I found the show in 2004... but that's a lot of dough for something that'll sit on my shelf and that's about it...

My Little Serenity

You may have already seen this, but it's certainly meme-worthy!

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