PBS Nerd Walk 2014

There was a time, folks who openly admitted themselves to be nerds were ostracized. Not so now. Nerd culture has become downright cool! Naturally, the original nerds at PBS are looking to unite with the local nerd community. The ASU Homecoming Parade will once again play host to the PBS Nerd Walk, where geeks from all corners are invited to come show their colors. Last year we walked with countless Doctors and Daleks, Ghostbusters, and of course Jayne Hat wearing Browncoats, but we didn't have much of a true Arizona Browncoat presence. Let's change that! This event will be replacing the regularly schedule Samurai Shindig, so we'll gather at the parade and probably go out for some browncoaty fellowship after.

October 15th is the last day to register. You can still join us for the walk if you don't get around to it, but registration gives you a free t-shirt and goody bag. It's totally free and you won't get spammed (I signed up last year and only received an email regarding this year's event... no pledge drives), so there's really no risk. Well, you do have to get up kind of early... but it's just one Saturday! The parade route is all of maybe a half mile of flat road, and it's ASU so there'll be plenty of gold and maroon distractions*.

Register here: http://www.azpbs.org/nerd/

*If you're coming up from Tucson, don't worry. It's unsettling being surrounded by so many hardcore Sun Devils, but just skip the Wildcat paraphernalia and you'll be fine.