Dude! Tickets!!

Have you been eager for our CSTS screenings this year? Us too! They're just a few weeks away too, and tickets are officially on sale! Don't wait, the Scottsdale tickets are likely to sell out (there are still plenty right now though)!

Scottsdale (September 21, 2:30pm)

Tucson (September 27, 5pm)

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Which one should you go to? Well, the easy answer is: if you live in Tucson, go to that one. If you live in the Phoenix area, go to the Scottsdale one. For the more hardcore fans though, the choice might be a little deeper than that.
The Scottsdale Studio Movie Grill features a dining experience along with the film, and a beautiful HD print of the both Serenity that is better than the original theatrical release. For that matter, this is the only place you'll get to see Dr. Horrible in glorious HD in a full size theater.
On the other hand, while the projector technology is a bit more dated, The Fox Tucson Theatre is a beautiful (and gigantic) historic theater dating back 1930. For a true theater-going experience, you absolutely shouldn't miss it.