The new organizational year

2013 was a crazy year for us! We had a great time at Phoenix Comicon, two great Can't Stop The Serenity events (as usual), and topped it off with hosting the Browncoat Ball! Elections are done for 2014 and the officers have met to get things rolling and have high hopes for the new year.

Shelby and Lisa remain President and Treasurer (respectively) because they've been great at it (and/or the only ones silly enough to take on that kind of responsibility. I (David) have shifted over to Events Director and I hope to be able to revitalize regular activities again. Jonathan Connor, who has been an active member for several years but this is his first time as an officer, has taken on the Communications Director role. He has the skills and ideas to hopefully modernize our aging website. Finally, Lori Cothrun, who's been a crucial behind the scenes part of our organization since its inception, has given into our harassment and become our Secretary to help keep us organized. We're very excited.

Now's the time for you to voice your feedback though. We're already underway with Phoenix Comicon and CSTS (announcements and details coming soon), but what else would you like to do?

Our monthly shindigs have fizzled significantly, but what would you like to do as a regular get together? Game nights? Bowling league? Movies? Picnics? Kickball? Let us know.

Would you like us to do a miniature version of the Browncoat Ball? The huge weekend-long event is more work than any of us want to deal with any time soon, but I'm curious what the interest would be in something like a Winter Formal.

Let us know what you think! Email us at, tweet us at @azbrowncoats, or post on our Facebook Page.


A Browncoat bowling league

A Browncoat bowling league would be the best thing ever.