Phoenix Comicon 2014 call for support

Ni hao!

Phoenix Comicon is coming up in a few months (June 5-8). The Arizona Browncoats have several panels in the works for the Whedon track, but we need help actually being on those panels. If you're interested in doing a panel (or two... or four) please email and she'll catch you up on the panels we have planned (we don't want to show our hand before we've got everything nailed down). Even if you aren't interested in doing our Whedon panels, we can get you in touch with people working on other panels.

On a related note, if you haven't heard, there's some extra motivation to join us at this year's Comicon. We'll have a particularly awesome exhibitor hall booth this year! Not enough? There will also be a Browncoat Jamboree, a big Firefly themed party just for the fans of the best darn cancelled tv show in history. Still not enough to entice you? That's okay. How about that in addition to Eliza Dushku (Faith) and Mark Sheppard (Badger), this year's guests will include our captain himself, Nathan Fillion! Now don't expect that the Arizona Browncoats have any particular "in" with his "people", but it certainly won't hurt to be a button-wearing, Kids Need To Read supporting, panel-hosting Browncoat if you happen to run into the man during the con. Just saying. Check out the Phoenix Comicon website for the countless other reasons you need to be there!