Miss us?

For many of us Browncoats, the holiday season is a busy time. The responsibilites of being the face and voice of the local Joss Whedon fandom can get daunting and frankly, sometimes we drop the ball. We had two great CSTS events, hosted an absolutely wonderful Browncoat Ball, and saw the first new Joss Whedon produced TV show in years (to mixed reviews, but it's got a good share of charm and if you squint you can see glimmers of Firefly). As for 2014? Well we... um... Well that's kinda where you come in. Read on...

Coming up on Saturday, February 8th, we're having a public member meeting in which we'll discuss plans for the year, upcoming elections, and with your help we can make our booth at Phoenix Comicon super epic! You don't have to be a member to attend the meeting and to participate, only to officially vote. The meeting will be at 3pm at Margaret T Hance Park, following a shindig at the Phoenix Chinese Week!

Speaking of... Phoenix Chinese Cultural Week seems right up our alley don't you think? We'll be meeting by the Special Koi exhibit at 9:45am and hang out until the meeting at 3. Admission is free, so you've really got no excuse! Of course it's a cultural festival so bring cash for food and art and toys. 

Also, don't forget THIS SATURDAY, February 1, will be our normal monthly shindig at Samurai Comics at 5pm. Great opportunity to pick up the first issue of the new Leaves on the Wind series! That is of course if they still have any left...  


February 8, 2014  9:45am: Shindig   3:00pm: Member Meeting 


Margaret T. Hance Park East, 1202 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix 85004